Magpie Dreams, art by Kerri Bash

I am a passionate defender of animal rights and my art frequently seeks to inform and inspire compassion in the viewer.  For a list of current exhibits, please visit my Exhibits and Art Fairs page.





When I am not creating art, I am tending one of the rescued animals on my family's farm, gardening organically, or expressing myself theatrically acting, singing, or painting sets.  I love to read and I enjoy cooking vegetarian food.

I  was born in Argos, Indiana and still live there, enjoying the beautiful rural landscape and all nature's denizens.  Nature and her children are my subjects, and they inspire me to make art which is sometimes adorable and sometimes heartrending.

I am enchanted also by folklore, fairy tales, and mythology.  These things also strongly influence my life and my art.  My work is filled with imagery and symbolism drawn from our rich and diverse history of story.