Magpie Dreams, art by Kerri Bash

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Owner, Magpie Dreams; Argos, Indiana — 2000-present


Freelance children’s illustrator and fine artist.  I submit proposals for projects, exhibit my work at art fairs, galleries, and exhibits, and take commission work.  I work directly with clients and have completed everything from small watercolors for children’s rooms to a 4 piece series of 3’x4’ murals for a library to painting outdoor art.  I have also taught and facilitated many art classes, including one on one instruction, all levels.  I am currently the Education Director at Heartland Artists Gallery in Plymouth, a non-profit artists coop.


Studio Artist & Graphic Designer; Quality Engineered Products, Elkhart, Indiana — 1998-present


This position first required me to quickly conceptualize, sketch, and execute final press-ready artwork, in one-way repeat, for production of wall paper borders.  The job has expanded to include creating artwork on the computer using Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs.  I also recolor and redesign existing borders, create brochures and other promotional material, and aid in product development.


Library assistant; columbus, Ohio — 1995-2000


I worked in Packard Library at Columbus College of Art and Design where I shelved books, performed shelf checks, processed new books, repaired worn books, and catalogued new and existing books when the library moved to an online catalog system.




Columbus College of Art and Design; Columbus, Ohio — B.A. Illustration; 2000




Highly proficient in a wide variety of traditional art media including oil, watercolor, ink, acrylic, and others.

Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.  Knowledgeable in QuarkExpress, Word, Quickbooks.

Able to provide print ready traditional or computer art; experience with prepress work for digital printing CMYK process color

Able to meet deadlines and work on multiple projects within a projected time frame.

Eager to learn new skills and experiment with new media and software; creative problem solving experience.

Experience in working with projected budget, trimming expenses, managing own business.

Excellent with client rapport and working to fit clients’ needs.



Available upon request.